8 comments on “Jennifer Lawrence Cleavage at Red Sparrow Premiere!”

  1. Lance Burton says:

    Seen em, and if she continues to open her stupid mouth and spout garbage her career is going to die.

    1. TheMorgul says:


  2. Eric says:

    What did she say Lance?

  3. Deewok says:

    Said that im amazing and Lance is a loser…
    Which is fair comment imo..🤔😲🤓🖒

  4. fuck clintons says:

    dressing like a whore will help her political ambitions

  5. IvanLeTerrible says:

    She said dat she loves big black cock, and would like to shoot a gangbang porn vid wit 30 niggaz, dats it.

  6. mikeroyne says:

    am i missing something with her? i mean shes nice looking, but not at all anything special. shes pretty hot for a civilian, but shes meh for a young actress

    1. Deewok says:

      Understand Mike, bit of the plain doll and skinny type, reminds me a bit of Juliette Lewis, but least she seems to have a bit of personality, something to say and isnt bland saccharine..
      And if she is annoying some people, then bliss…thank fuck at least some is….
      So far play to her…
      And lets face it…
      If she forced herself to sit on my face…I’d relent after a wee struggle. .😜

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