Jennifer Ellison In A Bikini

Jennifer Ellison is one busty Brit Ive been neglecting a lot for some reason. There is just something about her that doesnt appeal to me as much as the others, but Im not sure what. Im gonna give her a second chance though by posting these new pics of her being on vacation. What do you think? do I need to get better with Jennifer Ellison?

Jennifer Ellison Jennifer Ellison Jennifer Ellison Jennifer Ellison

12 comments on “Jennifer Ellison In A Bikini”

  1. Karlos says:

    definetly! this is one hot girl! ill email you some more pics that will convince you!!

  2. Leroy says:

    Sorry, nice rack but she’s kind of fug…

  3. Wiseone says:

    she isnt the most attractive she has a nice cleavege/chest but still debate are they real or not?

  4. mac-13 says:

    in my opion shes hotter than keely…but no lucy

  5. Jonny says:

    In My Opinion shes one of the best out there!

  6. ClubMaster says:

    Who the…? What the…? Is that baby spice? She looks great, but definitely not hotter than Keeley Hazell or Lucy Pinder. Hmmmm…lemme think about that…nope definitely not hotter.

  7. will says:

    she turns me off cause she kinda reminds me of that skank britney wearing those damn weaveguards!

  8. jm says:

    Can’t believe you are even asking! Jen is sooo hot it’s not even funny. Damn that girl has superb jubblies…….more more more!!!

  9. Douche Killer says:

    hotter than keeley!? yah okay..

  10. mac-13 says:

    yah becuase keely looks like a 12 year old and you kn ow what iolike women

    i’m not a pedofile

  11. Joe says:

    meh- barely worth it

  12. Smilier4 says:

    Jen is one bird i would definitly not kick out of bed….she’s hot

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