Jenna Jameson Is A Zombie Stripper

Here are some promo pics from the latest Jenna Jameson movie – Zombie Strippers. No its not a porno but I assume there is plenty of nudity so I will definatley check it out. I like strippers and I like zombie movies so it should be some good mindless entertainment. I will give credit to Jenna though, she is looking better in these pics than she has in the past year or so. Thats saying quite a lot considering she is covered in blood.

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4 comments on “Jenna Jameson Is A Zombie Stripper”

  1. sclecto says:

    As a fan of zombie movies and large breasts (usually one without the other). I would recommend Zombie Strippers. Jenna is still too emaciated for my taste, but she is alright. At another actress in the film makes a few scenes worthwhile too (speaking in breast baring terms only).

  2. oodie says:

    she has lost her appeal. i understand why women want to slim down but iam not sure that they understand that most men like a woman with curves.

    we all get old just embrace it. please stop with the botox and the collagen lip pumps. you were beautiful already

  3. Jungy says:

    i saw this movie a while ago…
    from a movie point of view.. its bad… dont waste ur time
    from a boobs point of view.. plenty of those lol but still not enough boobs to take the attention away from the bad story line lol

  4. badboy says:

    Jenna Jameson has been a zombie stripper for years pretty much anyway.

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