Jenna Jameson is 39 and Looks Like This..

Jenna Jameson was out celebrating her 39th birthday…. in style…. ? …. by wearing a confusing outfit and green hair. I have to give her credit for that ass and camel toe but man.. her fall from being the world’s hottest porn star is pretty epic. Age with grace ladies…

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17 comments on “Jenna Jameson is 39 and Looks Like This..”

  1. rog79 says:

    Never rated her anyway

  2. shagtiki says:

    what a shame what else can u say

  3. GEORGIA97 says:

    Like my grandma used to say….she’s got a face like war-torn Europe.

  4. Yuck says:


    Whoever convinced her this was a good look needs to be shot

  5. Djun says:

    I guess I will always remember her from ‘The Masseuse’ and never, NEVER go past that image of her.

    Leaving post now before these images corrupt those memories!

  6. Boobman says:

    Wtf happened to her? She used to be so pretty then decided to invest her money on her plastic surgeon!
    Luckily I still got some of her early works to remember how good she was

  7. kev says:

    Someones assistant left a piece of trash out on the red carpet for people to trip over.

  8. bob says:

    @boobman coke happened to her. and booze.
    she spent a long time pretending she was busy “having a family” but yea, the drugs were why she really stopped working, and this is what happens…

  9. D says:

    I don’t see Jenna. Is she standing behind Donatella Versace?

  10. dood says:

    Hot women should not get plastic surgery.

  11. Brooklyn says:

    I guess I am the only one who doesn’t think she looks bad, I like the look. I also like the hair do and the color. Her shoes are awful though.

  12. Loner says:

    She look like Donatelle Versace, geez ! 🙁

  13. Joe says:

    She’d look nicer if she didn’t have that ridiculous “brain surgery” haircut.

  14. Steve says:

    She’s 39 and took a lot of drugs in her prime. What did you think was going to happen, she’d be cute for eternity?

  15. Pig says:

    Getting cancer doesn’t help either…

  16. Sharmota says:

    Tito Ripped

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