Jenna Jameson In Los Angeles

Jenna Jameson gave fans some cleavage in addition to signing autographs at the 07′ Erotica Convention in Los Angeles. I have to say Jenna looks better in these pics than she have in recent memmory. I do hate the botox lips though, unattractive to say the least.

Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson

6 comments on “Jenna Jameson In Los Angeles”

  1. Chewy Lumpnuts says:

    WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED to jenna jameson???!!

  2. jb says:

    good question chewey. looks like she plumped up her face with too much botox.

  3. boobob says:

    I would fuck her, but only if she was wearing a paper bag over that ugly-ass face.

  4. Wedge says:

    That’s what happens when you mix nicotine, botox and tanning beds…it’s called leather.

  5. tommy boy says:

    She’s looking borderline anorexic now too, that’s a definite shame. Seriously, she likes like she’s aged 20 years over the past 5, crazy.

  6. boobob says:

    Then again… if she gave me oral her puffy lips would cushion my cock

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