Jenna Jameson At The VH1 Awards

I still cant figure out why they invite pornstars to these events but oh well, pics of Jenna is always welcome! Im a little troubled though.. doesnt she look really skinny?

Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson

4 comments on “Jenna Jameson At The VH1 Awards”

  1. MoeD says:

    Not so much skinny as just…bad. She used to be genuinely good looking, but she’s had way too much work done, and of course, rode hard and put away wet far too many times.

  2. d says:

    her face looks bad

  3. HeaT says:

    too skinny just yuck

  4. triipn says:

    Shes so fukin UGLY now after carving up her face!! Does she REALLY think she looks better now! Snap out of it Geeezus

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