Japanese Baseball Rocks

I think this sport could become popular in europe if the pitchers looked like this..
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6 comments on “Japanese Baseball Rocks”

  1. AlfaMale26 says:

    Thanks for the mammaries, honey!

  2. santa says:

    It isn’t Europe it’s Asia, anyone with half a brain knows that.

  3. Niklas - Owner says:

    Im not sure what you’re talking about?

  4. js says:

    Niklas was saying if the pitchers looked like that then baseball would become popular in europe, he wasnt saying that was in europe.

  5. ??? says:

    santa u idiot who cares this video is kick ass

  6. Caesar says:

    … and that’s why I haven’t been receiving my Christmas presents.

    Confusing Europe with Asia, Mr. Claus here definitely needs a lesson in geography (and perhaps the other half of his brain too).

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