Interview with Nude Model L.Shima!


20-year old model L.Shima sent me a collection of nude photos from her portfolio to post and, what a NICE collection it is! She has a very exotic and unique look about her, which is due to being a mix of African American, Irish, German and Japanese. She also has great perky naturals with terrific nipples.. love them! Here’s a brief interview I did with her.

Q: Hi L.Shima, When did you start modeling and, more importantly, when did you start posing nude?
A: I started modeling about 2 years ago. I started nude around the same time. I posed for photographers and for artists in a painting studio. Being surrounded by a group of skilled and respectful artists like that, and just walking around nude made me very comfortable in my skin. I am glad I pursued it.

Q: Was nudity something you knew right away that you wanted to do?
A: Definitely not! I was not raised conservative, so it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. I was aware of the artistic precedence of nudity in art, so the immediate implications of nudity and sex didn’t bother me because I knew the beauty and pureness in the nude figure. If people are uncomfortable with nudity that is an issue with them, not me 🙂

Q: Were you always comfortable showing off your body?
A: Nope. Technically, I am still not fully comfortable showing my body off but I am more easy going about it than most ladies. Although for photo shoots, for what ever reason, it feels natural. It is easier to prepare for really – no wardrobe!

Q: Your photos are more erotic rather than “dirty”, do you intend to keep doing that style or do you want to do glamour modeling like Playboy for example?
A: I would say as a whole my photos are more artistic and sensual than erotic although admittedly some photos are rather obviously glamour and erotic and “hey check out my body.” I have that aspect built into me. I was born with exceptional curves, so no matter what photo is taken, there is a sensual-ness inherent in having me as a model. I have posed for Playboy TV. It was wonderful and tasteful, with no open legs shots. In the end I’m more inclined to work with the most creative photographers. Working a shoot where the only objective is to look sexy is boring. I would prefer a concept, and if nudity is in service to that, awesome let’s do it!

Q: Is modeling a full-time career for you? If not, what else do you do and do you want it to be your full-time career?
A: Modeling is my full-time career. This is how I pay my bills and eat my food 🙂

Q: Like you saud, you have great curves and me being a lover of boobs, my eyes are naturally drawn to your amazing naturals so I have to wonder if you consider them your favourite part of your body or is it something else?
A: Ha! Thank you. 🙂 I actually do not really care too much about my boobs, maybe it is for the fact that I see them every second. I know they are there and that people like them so I appreciate that. My favorite part of my body is my eyes though. Maybe because they are Japanese-esque eyes on my mixed black and Irish face. It’s a weird combo that works I think!

Q: Are you currently single and if a guy in a bar wanted to get a chance to see your boobs in person, what should he do?
A: I am happily taken! Sorry boys and girls! I would tell him to check out my Tumblr. 🙂

Q: What are your turn-ons?
A: A guy with a great sense of humor, is kind, sincere, and entertaining.

Q: What are your turn-offs?
A: Pretty much the opposite of my turn-ons 🙂

Thanks L.Shima! Go check out her:

Twitter: @lshima_model
Model Mayhem:

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  1. Dave Castim says:

    Wow, great find!

  2. Andreas says:

    Agree! Stunning! Good interview too.

  3. corpse paint says:

    She is beeeeaaaauuuutiful! Second to last pic……

  4. cockNhand says:

    most def a keeper!!! and nice change up from the norm of lovely brits.

  5. F.Corey says:

    I follow her on I stsgram and she is magnificent. Definitely less eritic and more artistic. She’s obviously sexy, but she looks so distinct that you kind of get enamored with her face.

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