Ice-T & Coco Getting Freaky On Stage

Wow, this must have been a wild show because Coco and her husband Ice-T look like they are ready to get naked and have sex on stage. Actually, as you can see Coco already have her tits out and is gunning for Ice-T’s crotch. You have to love these two!

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Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco Ice-T and Coco

12 comments on “Ice-T & Coco Getting Freaky On Stage”

  1. razia says:


  2. mzinger says:

    I think she’s going to fuck the whole band after the show

  3. Deckard says:

    no class. moving right along….

  4. MrD666 says:

    This just shows what he thinks of her… his career was DOA until this bitch come along and got HIS NAME into the media. I swear I haven’t heard of anything good or creative coming from this jackass in ages… if ever.

    And from the looks of the VENUE he’s playing, he looks like he will continue to be in that same position… a nothing happening loser.

  5. Edward says:

    Hilarious! I feel so out of touch with modern culture. This is absolutely the best indication that the U.S. is circling the drain. Wow. America is a cesspool.

  6. John says:

    Is there video of this event . Can you post it?

  7. Horatio says:

    A couple of sick bastards, the dregs of society and they show it in everything they do. They also just go by the name LOSER!

  8. Raziel says:

    I’d hit it

  9. IceD says:

    Ha thats hilarious! you all are on a PORN site talking about your morals and the morals of others..ha ha ha, get a fucking life loosers…

  10. Elliot says:

    Um, to all you morons who doubt Ice-T, he was on Law and Order SVU for quite some time… gave up his thug hair style and made some legit money on TV. And the fact he is free to still jam and have a hot girl who doesn’t mind being free with her body…. eh, different strokes, different folks. Find another place to go then.

  11. jessie dicochea says:

    ice tea you sure have a lovely wife i love looking at her in her show and you too she sure got some beautiful titties

  12. 420Potheadification says:

    Ice, you’re the man!

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