How to Enlarge Your Breasts Naturally!

I can’t read Chinese, but it seems like she’s moving the fat in her arms down to her tits and making them bigger! All girls should know about this technique. Hm, I wonder if I can push my belly fat into my dick?

6 comments on “How to Enlarge Your Breasts Naturally!”

  1. humanoid says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s Japanese. I realize all Asian languages look the same to you non-Asians.

    1. Deewok says:


  2. Iamking says:

    This has to be the fakest bull$&!? ever.

  3. st says:

    Doesnt matter what she`s doing..those are very nice tits!

  4. duh says:

    it’s working
    doing this for a while
    now I have huge man boobs, naturally

  5. Deewok says:

    Should start on my stomach onto my cock
    #thsnksheafsup 🤔😳😜🤣🤣👍

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