How to Draw Boobs

I dont know about you but my school books were filled with boob drawings. Whoever got a text book after me probably had a hard time to focus on studying. Anyway, here are some terrific and amusing instructions on how to draw realistic looking boobs..

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How to draw boobs

4 comments on “How to Draw Boobs”

  1. pr0n69 says:

    Is there some more artwork around? I really dig this ^^

  2. Ferection says:

    The artist is, he’s one of my most favorite artists, not only because he draws hot chicks but he’s an awesome animator as well. Check the animated short he and his friends in school made;

  3. Koopadude says:

    The “wrong” boobs are better looking than the “right” boobs.

  4. Bob says:

    the artist’s name is Yves Bigerel, also known as Balak01 at deviant art.

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