Girl Plays Badminton

She really sucks at badminton but she is hot so who cares?
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12 comments on “Girl Plays Badminton”

  1. RJ says:

    …..waiting…waiting. WTF. I thought she would flash the camera or something. She looks like she’s like four months pregnant.

  2. bDub says:

    agree. boring. and that gut…

  3. dragonrunnr says:

    I hate to say it, but that is probably your worst post so far. 🙁

  4. Niklas - Owner says:

    LOL, damn.. I never knew a busty woman sucking at badminton would recieve so much hate

  5. Jim says:

    I think the vid is kind of mesmerizing. And she doesn’t really have a gut, just a normal woman’s stomach that hasn’t been starved or liposuctioned to death.

  6. n8 dog says:

    FAT ASS!!!!!!!

  7. d says:

    their is so much porn on the internet…why this?

  8. Sickboy says:

    maybe because she’s hot?

    and fat ass? i would rather say fLat ass!

  9. Brazilian Guy says:

    I loved that video! She’s pretty! I want to see more videos like that!

  10. Bob Bloom says:

    and we’re watching this because…?

  11. what's your name says:

    dude, i can’t believe i watched that whole thing and got no bare boobies.

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