Gemma Merna’s Hard Nipples on Hollyoaks

Clip of British actress Gemma Merna wearing a red sweater on Hollyoaks. Must have been an exciting shoot because her nipples look very hard!! Change the quality to 1080p and put it on full screen for best viewing!

4 comments on “Gemma Merna’s Hard Nipples on Hollyoaks”

  1. Gerque says:

    Love this! I wonder are they real or did she stick fakes ones to drum up a bit of attention?

  2. anonymous says:

    Oh wow!

  3. PhoenixFireless says:

    her nipples being erect makes my dick erect

  4. Me says:

    Holy crap! Those nipples are amazing!

    The hilarious part is that it looks like that was supposed to be a serious, dramatic scene, and there’s no way anybody was paying any attention to anything other than those enormous erect nipples. Heh.

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