12 comments on “Felicity Fey Part I”

  1. Tittylover says:

    I like…you need to post some pics of Nadine Jansen…Talk about boobies!

  2. Desiree says:

    Mmmm, I love how she has the cute face and the hott body.

  3. Fred Gomez says:

    I love to jerk off on Felicity Fey’s boobs.

  4. Vito says:

    Could someone please tell me what is Felicity Fey’s bust size and measurements?

  5. Seymore says:

    Perfect? humm… kinda droopy.. and am I the only one that can not over look her moustash?

  6. When a guy says u r hot, He’s looking at ur body. When a guy says u r pretty,
    He’s looking at ur face. When a guy says u r beautiful, He’s looking at ur heart ! ! !
    well I say ur ONE OF GOD’S AMAZING CREATIONS & your eyes, they look like an Angel.
    100% you’re someone wreath dyeing for.
    If something bad happened to ur eyes, all u got to do is asked & i will give u mine.
    If something bad happened to ur heart, all u got to do is asked & i will give u mine.
    If something bad happened to u, all u got to do is ask & i will give u what’s mine.

    I’m so…………. In love with your innocent eyes
    Does anyone knows her real name

  7. mister reality says:

    Now if you could just put those tits on something that doesn’t look like trailer trash, you’d have a winner.

    What a pig.

  8. Fernando Pacheco says:

    plis let me have ur e-mail addres

  9. badboy says:

    Cute face, great hips, huge tits, nice big nipples. What more could you want – only a fuckable ass and a nice hairy cunt. Guess what, she’s got them too!

  10. bestzhara says:

    What a pity that such a beautiful girl have to end up as a pornstar…..I can neve understand this…..once you a pornstar thats the name that will follow you for the rest of your life. Everybody wants to look but nobody ever wants to marry one !!!

  11. badboy says:

    She did get married and gave up the nude modelling. Her husband’s a lucky fucker

  12. bestzhara says:

    Hi Badboy
    How sure are you about her being married?
    What I do know is that she is in fact 27 years old and not the sweet 18 years as referred to in most of the websites and picture shoots.
    She allso stopped modelling in 2006 allready….and was never involved in any hardcore stuff. Her website was started in 2004 and stopped in 2006 as mentioned. Allso not worth while joining her website as all her pic’s and vid’s are freely available.
    As far as her boobs are concerned….yeah sure the beautiful as far as I am concerned but it might not appeal to everybody.
    Mister Reality if you think that this is what trailer trash looks like I would love to see what you would call beautiful!!!

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