Emma O’Neil

18-year old Emma O’Neil is a brand new girl with a brand new site and what a great addition to the internet she is! According to her profile she got 32G boobs and looks about right I guess? they are just size amazing to me. I’ll definatley keep my eyes on her, here she is posing in her PJ’s.

Pictures from: Emma O’Neil

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13 comments on “Emma O’Neil”

  1. xxsuicidexx says:

    Pic #1 is scary. lol

  2. Red says:

    There’s no way she’s 18, but she’s got a great body.

  3. Edward says:

    If she’s only 18 by the time she’s 25 she’ll have my grandmother’s body – tits down to her knees. That’s a pair of sag-bags there.

  4. Andreas says:

    She is amazing!!! Fucking amazing!!!

  5. Slicks McDickenson says:

    She’s nasty. Her voice makes her sound severely retarded. And her tits go outwards and down at the same time. Gross x2.

  6. Giuseppe says:

    Yeah, sag-bags! The more they hang the better they are!!! If they stand up, then they’re hard and unreal.

  7. badboy says:

    Slicks McDickenson – they go outwards and down because that’s what real tits do when someone leans backwards.

    I think they are lovely.

  8. Paul says:

    Here breasts are lovely. I think Slicks McDickenson may be used to the firm breasts of his blow up doll. ha ha hee hee ho ho.

  9. Woogie says:

    Edward: Spend a lot of time looking at your grandmas tits do you?

  10. JCilla says:

    Those things will be at her navel by the time she is 26!

  11. jose says:

    i masturbate myself with this boobs..

  12. brad says:

    lmao the people that are leaving those comment about her tits are prolly 10 year old or virgins get fucked there nice tits

  13. Dixon says:

    if she doesn’t turn you on yer dicks fuckin broke.

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