Emily Ratajkowski Nude in Robin Thicke Music Video

I can’t get enough of Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs and neither can the world apparently. She appears completely nude along with other supermodels in Robin Thicke’s latest video Blurred Lines. Not a fan of the song but the video is fun and did I mention that there are naked models in it?

3 comments on “Emily Ratajkowski Nude in Robin Thicke Music Video”

  1. cartonfalcon says:

    I wonder what’s actually the reason for this…

    oh, yeah, free marketing… (for both)

  2. Me says:

    The video was fun. The song wasn’t terrible. There are naked boobs pretty much constantly. Looks good to me.

    Nobody “appears completely nude”, however. All of the ladies are wearing panties.

  3. Dave says:

    People bang on about the perfect body, but for me Emily Ratajkowski is about as close as a chick can get. The fact that she is happy to get naked for pretty much anything seals the deal.

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