Dita Von Teese Semi-See Through Cleavage

Burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese showed up to the Michael Schmidt collection debut in New York wearing a semi see through dress with fantastic cleavage on display! How we don’t see her nipples is a mystery to me but at least we can see that she is wearing black panties.

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Dita Von Teese cleavageDita Von Teese cleavageDita Von Teese cleavageDita Von Teese cleavageDita Von Teese cleavageDita Von Teese cleavage

4 comments on “Dita Von Teese Semi-See Through Cleavage”

  1. Rexx says:


    It’s a 3D printed dress – it’s made of plastic. You can see a liner is embedded in the top part pretty clearly in the last pic. I imagine this is because having a “scissoring” mesh of plastic covering your skin would actually be quite uncomfortable and having a nipple poke through and then having the plastic “flex” and close up that hole could lead to a nipple re-attachment surgery. It also looks like she has some form of nylons/leggings on her lower half – for all the same reasons I’d suspect.

    Still, she looks great in it, and it’s an interesting bit of engineering.

  2. corpse paint says:

    @Rexx, your comment killed my boner. But I’m okay with that, I see what you’re saying and it truly is impressive! …. Dat printout!

  3. Lance burton says:

    She’s been in porn galore!!! What is so special about a plastic dress?

  4. Joe says:

    Awesome cleavage

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