Denise Milani See Through Nipple

Ive been sent another photo of Denise Milani with her nipple exposed! Well, not quite exposed in this case but it is a nice see through and you can pretty much see everything. Thanks to Tim.

Pictures from: Denise Milani

Denise Milani see though nipple

17 comments on “Denise Milani See Through Nipple”

  1. Crazy Oldie says:

    nice…hopefully this is one of many more to come.

  2. Pete Long says:

    Denise’s failure to disrobe and at least show her massive breasts makes me want to slap her face with my rock hard cock! Her photo sets are not a tease, they are simply frustrating.

  3. wallhanger says:

    Whoa!….It’s looking at me…

  4. Billy says:

    “Her photo sets are not a tease, they are simply frustrating.”

    That’s what a tease is…

  5. Dr. Lizardo says:

    I wonder if she’s self-conscious about her nipples pointing out sideways and that’s why she won’t disrobe… I for one appreciate the chameleon qualities of Denise’s nipples and would like to see more of them.

    Or maybe she’s had some work and doesn’t want the scars to show. Hmm.

  6. John says:


    Of course she’s a tease. I really liked her, but this tease has been going on for years. It’s like a girl with her mouth open around your dick, but she never touches it. Just dangles over you. She’s horrible. Show us your tits woman!

  7. YungSwag says:

    ^Amen brotha.

  8. and your dick gets tired and wilts after too much of it.

    denise, it’s time.

  9. Tercero says:

    Old news is so exciting. This picture is from what? Two years ago. Face it. She’s a hot as a box of cornflakes. She’s never going to show anything, she’s a fucking narcissistic cock tease. Why the fuck can’t she just disappear already. Her site must pay a butt load of cash to those who link to it.

  10. Kory says:

    Why is it on the side? Possibly could be why she’s not showing them, since they’re a little messed up. Self-conscious.

  11. TrickyNick says:

    I was beginning to think she didn’t have any nipples!

  12. Marshall says:

    Anyone know the name of this set? Trying to find it

  13. eyad says:

    she didn’t have any nipples! but she is the best …….really liked here

  14. eyad says:

    she have anice nipples…… why she’s not showing them

  15. Andres says:

    just wanking for her

  16. glockp says:

    its photoshop, i know that whole set and its a fake…FAIL!!

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