Denise Milani in a See Through Bra

I already posed a pic from this set over here but thanks to I think it was Russ dragonrunnr I now got more photos of Denise Milani in a see through bra. Apparantly Denise and her webmaster have edited this set on her website so you cant see her nipples.. pretty strange if you ask me. They look big but it’s not like there is anything wrong with them.

Picture from: Denise Milani

Denise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through braDenise Milani in a see through bra

22 comments on “Denise Milani in a See Through Bra”

  1. wallhanger says:

    Like most, I’m pretty tired of this same, tired, lame ole act. Gotta admit though…that last picture is pretty hot.
    Show those tits for gods sake already!!! sheeesh!!!

  2. Stevie says:

    I agree with Wallhanger. Denise is the ultimate cock teaser. I am dying to see her totally naked.

  3. dum dum says:

    I am sooooo tired of this woman, even if she showed her tits, her attitude has destroyed any interest. Just knowing she is such a tease turns me off! There are plenty of just as fine woman who are showing the goods with no problem and enjoying showing them. Those are the type of girls you like to hang out with, amongst other things…. HEHE

  4. morrdigan says:

    But…but I like big nipples..

  5. maliciousIntent says:

    she wont get topless cause her tits are fake. people argue and say they are not fake that they are real. which she hears and decides she wont go topless because it will ruin the “real” rumor and possibly lose fans. she makes plenty of money this way so why change. To add they are horrible fakes, too big, and her nipples point to the side. but a nice body and face, shes a stunner.

  6. Bono says:

    Starting to wonder if she has nipples at all, watch one day she unveils her goodies and we find out we’ve been jerking off to a… I shudder to think. ((ZIP!))

  7. Me says:

    I don’t think her implants are too big at all, but I realize that not everyone shares my taste. I do agree with malicious that the reason she doesn’t show her nips is because if everyone saw her pointing-way-out-to-the-sides nipples, she wouldn’t be able to deny she has implants anymore. As it is, I have no idea who she thinks she’s fooling by claiming those are natural…but…whatevs. I think she’s ridiculously hot, but I’m beginning to fall into the “call me when something interesting happens here” camp with everybody else.

  8. Yoav says:

    Her Boobs are definitely real, and the waiting game is definitely to get more people on her website. That’s the way it’s done, these starlets start small and then grow bigger.

    If it’s going from no nipples to showing them (like Lucy Pinder) or going from softcore to hardcore (like Hannah Hilton) the upgrade is part of the game, it makes us feel like we’re winning something.

    I give her 6 months until she goes nude, she has to do it soon cause you can already see she’s getting old, not much time to spare. It will be great though if she’s the first to go the whole round, start from modeling -> nude modeling -> stripping / masterbation -> girl on girl -> hardcore!

  9. Wedge says:

    Yoav says, “I give her 6 months until she goes nude,”

    I bet if you went back 6 mos somebody would be saying the same thing.
    She won’t go nude because her tits are fakes.

  10. Wendel says:

    Women do not seem to understand that they cannot tease forever.
    After a while, no matter how how, the spark fades and we men move on.

    Like Cindy Margolas, Denise may end up a curiosity in Playboy, heavily airbrushed and photoshopped. Interesting for her historic value, not for her sexual one.

  11. sabotage says:

    I still love you Denise. <3

  12. Sundance says:

    a similar looking girl can be found at a site called ‘fine art teens’. her name is Klaudia and she’s quite simply stunning. all natural and all naked. let me know what you fellas think.

  13. festie says:

    hell no, id fuck the shit out of cindy i dont care what they fuk they airbrushed . i prefer to think of them as enhanced but having said that real or not ,give us the goods or go away you cocktease!

  14. me says:

    Yoav says, “Her Boobs are definitely real…”

    You, sir, are definitely an idiot.

  15. Monte Kellog says:

    Blind people think her boobs are real.

  16. dragonrunnr says:

    Actually Niklas, it was me that sent you the pics.

    Nice that you can see at least a little bit more than before.

  17. O. Mars says:

    REAL OR NOT! Will WE ever get to see her totally expossed… Show those boobs once and for all. FYI she’s got no hair down there. Has anyone ever seeing pics of her naked?

  18. Wm. D Wilhelm says:

    Cut those puppies loose before those nipples become inverted! May I help? The sheer is awesome and so are the pokies! Dress up like a cheerleader Denise. That would be very hot!

  19. Mr. Very Wellhung says:

    Love to suck your monster nipples, Denise.You are a perfect fit for my mouth. I’ll keep them perky 4U, stiff as bullets! I love real big boobies! Let’s 68/69.

  20. RoyalWanker says:

    HEr tits are real. You can tell by their shape and form. Also, she is fit as fuck and has one of the best asses out there, amazing bi
    ody frame and a gorgeous face.
    It looks like her nips are placed somehow sideways, which I guess is the real reason why she does not show them.

    What is for sure is that those whoppers are real. How on earth she´d go through surgery just to cover them all the time?

    Maybe she is shy or something, or catholic or some shit.

    I love /HATE this whore. For Gods sake Denise, LET’EM FREE!!!!

  21. Butch says:

    Your new photographer (publicist) is cropping far too much delicate info, his/her lighting NEEDS to change too. They are zooming in but not focussing on your delicious goodies!
    I hope you are taking many NUDE photos whil you are still young – to be released in years to come. Document that beautiful figure before you lose the youth!

  22. Al_Anon says:

    You do understand that the owner of this particular website doesn’t have any photographers or much control over the content of pictures taken some 3 1/2 years ago, right?

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