Denise Milani Brings Breasts to Sea World

Denise Milani and her busty friend Chelsea went to Sea World and a camera followed their every move! I enjoy these type of Denise photos way more than her regular bikini/lingerie pictorials.. they are more interesting.

I want more of this smoking hot Chelsea girl too! Preferably naked. If I had been at Sea World on this day I would’ve quickly forgot all about penguins and followed these two around..

Picture from: Denise Milani

Denise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friendDenise Milani and a busty friend

19 comments on “Denise Milani Brings Breasts to Sea World”

  1. John says:

    …this slut, whore, bitch face is really starting to get on my nerves. Just show the damn titties already!!! I mean, this is the internet, we’ve seen some BAD boob jobs! If they’re botched, they can’t be THAT bad Denise?! Free them, free them for me sweetie. Free the beasts to the world, and let us feast on them…….i need to get laid again.

  2. Stevie says:

    Great shots of Denise. She is the most perfect woman on the planet., however we may never get to see her nude.,

  3. Oz says:

    Apparently she thinks her left side is her best side. She has the same head cock and smile in every picture.

  4. ted says:

    The airbrushing on these makes them look photoshopped in. Just compare them to the people around them.

  5. CR says:

    I believe the girl with her is Chelsea Fujisawa. She has posed in Playboy and such.

  6. Gary says:

    @Oz : can’t aggry more

    @ted : yeah, we can see some kind of “aura” around them in pic #8, and in the same pic, Denise’s left arm is wierd

  7. corpse says:

    I wish nobody paid a cent to join her website. Then she would have to get nude to entice people. To be quite honest, she is just pissing me off lately, posting more and more and more and more clothed shots. Fucking waste of time! Can’t people ignore these clothed sets until clothes come off? SHIT

  8. Big Rich says:

    John, you are on the money. I am calling for a boycott of this chick. No new posts about her until she goes nude.

  9. Davo says:

    WTF?!?! Seaworld?!?! Really?!?!?

  10. Smalls says:

    i think these are fake pictures because her face looks exactly the same in every picture, and i agree with the boycott

  11. Bobblegum says:

    Why does BB still post her? TOGTFO!

  12. dum dum says:

    I freaking agree with everybody else! This chick is a waste of freaking space. Boycott that dumb bitch!!! Niklas no more of this crap!… please…thankyou

  13. TexMex says:

    I think we can all agree that we would love to see this beautiful woman nude, or at the very least topless. However, I have to disagree with the few gents here who are calling for a boycott. Surely it would be great if Milani would pose like the rest of the the girls on this wonderful site, but can we not still appreciate her for what she is? A beautiful woman with an amazing body? Clothed or not, she’s still a sight to behold.

    Or maybe it’s just me. ;P Either way, keep up the good work Niklas.

  14. onelove says:

    To be honest I think it is cool that she still has not gone completely topless….but I don’t think it is cool to charge $25 per month on her website and not be topless. I bet shes got tons of nude photos and just when everybody has given up on her…..she will release them in a glorious comeback and we will all say it was worth the wait…..or not!!!

  15. Edward says:

    She seems to have a lot of hot girlfriends who pose naked, so as long as there’s a naked chick next to her it’s okay to post pictures. These are a waste of time, especially since they took the same photo of her head and pasted it on every picture. She’s probably quite ugly in reality and needs to keep the few decent pictures for photoshopping onto her body in other photos. Just a guess on that, of course.

  16. Donald says:

    @John: She found a niche in the non-nude porn that wasn’t well explored and she is squeezing the most out of it. As long as she doesn’t reveal everything people will be curious and continue to subscribe to her website. I bet if we check, her subscribers are subscribing for very long periods, unlike other porn sites.

    @ted: it is a known fact for years that her Photoshop man is a bloody amateur. It is amazing that people are paying money for such fake photos (number 8 here is not the worst I’ve seen)

    @Edward: There is a reason why paparazzi photos of her are not to be found…

    to everyone calling for a boycott: I agree but it will never work – imagine how it feels for some horny Chinese/Indian/Pakistani guy to be in touch with her via email or her forum… a boycott will never work – you got to admit the man behind her is a marketing genius!

  17. boob lover says:

    I’ll never understand why anyone would join her site…there’s nothing on it that you can’t find for free. I mean,if she was topless on her site THEN I’d understand. But it sucks that people keep giving her money for this boring shit!

    Don’t get me wrong,she’s super hot….but very, very boring.

  18. vic says:

    to john:

    please don’t call her a whore – she doesn’t deserve this compliment!
    a common whore has the decency to give you the real thing for your money.
    a common whore doesn’t pretend to cater your emotional needs by a phony correspondence.

    think about it…

  19. Oka says:

    Wonder if she got a really bad boob job and is afraid to show it, that’s a pity. Oh yeah that’s Chelsea Fujisawa a.k.a. Chelsea Co. I didn’t recognized her. She’s naturally busty, but her boobs are bigger now. A true Japanese beauty… a REAL GODDESS! And Yes she’s bared it all! But she was beautiful even before she was bigger…. Even beautiful women are not satisfied as they are…

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