Danielle Sharp Topless Video for Nuts

Video of Danielle Sharp’s first solo shoot for Nuts magazine! Her boobs are simply some of the best to come out of Britain and I hope to see lots more of her this year.

Video of Danielle Sharp posing topless for Nuts magazine

13 comments on “Danielle Sharp Topless Video for Nuts”

  1. Dave says:

    Love the shape of her boobs but her nipples look a little odd, in the closing shots of the video, her left boob looks like the nipple is inverted! Needs application of ice to be sure 🙂

  2. shagtiki says:

    inverted shmerted who cares all i know is i mega crave her boobies what a fabulous pair.

  3. ac3boy says:

    Gross nipples.

  4. flounder says:

    Dude…you’re hating on those nipples??? I’d hit that like a runaway freight train and then back over it and hit it again!!!!!! ~~~~droooollllllll~~~~~

  5. motorboater says:

    It was worth going onto the site, just to see the screen shot on the front page.

  6. mark says:

    im sure your girllfriend is much hotter, right?

  7. Johnny B. says:

    Her nipples are perfect if you as me.

  8. maninmacintosh says:

    her tits are incredible. her legs are too skinny.

  9. Tony says:

    Skinny girl with weird nipples. Kinda bad teeth too.

  10. timdog says:

    She is the best

  11. Sam says:

    Everyone is such a fucking critic. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. But my opinion is that we should thank this girl for sharing her smokin bod and superb tits with us. Just sayin.

  12. Chareth says:

    Stop using the word “hating.” It’s fucking stupid.

    By the way, gorgeous girl. Amazing breasts!

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