Contestant Rips Off Girls Dress

Not sure whats going on here but a contestant gets up and rips off a girls dress while the crowd cheers on! I assume she was in on it but if not, thats a pretty fucked up thing to do. Looks like she has terrific boobies though so she has nothing to be ashamed of!

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9 comments on “Contestant Rips Off Girls Dress”

  1. WaY says:

    It’s an spanish tv program called Salvame. The girl is Maria Lapiedra ( ) and I supose that everything was part of the tv show.

  2. JD says:

    Nice everything…Can anyone translate what they are saying the background?

  3. BK says:

    What a prick!!! It didn’t look set up to me. Either she was genuinely upset or she’s the best actress I’ve ever seen. Still, she did look very nice, but i also wanted to smack that moron bloke in the mouth, for ripping her dress and upsetting the lovely Maria.

  4. Gex2501 says:

    Oh yeah, that was definitely part of the show. Her dress came off way too easily, and her panties. Nice one, I gotta learn spanish.

  5. NoSeKe says:

    I’m not a perfect english speaker… but i’ll try it:
    -Man with glasses: “Give our guests some water.”
    -Man on the left: “It’s hot here, Jorge” (Jorge is the glassesman)
    -Jorge: “She must give them some water. Please, Maria, give them some water.”
    -Woman in red: “I’m traditional, if someone want to be free… but i dont want her ass in my face”
    -Man on the left: “It’s SO hot here” (he uses other expression, im not able to translate it)
    *Unintelligible words everywhere*
    -Man on the left: “But if you are hot… why dont you…” Voilá

    Sorry about my english 🙁

  6. Yoav says:

    wow, very hot stuff. how do you know thats her name?

  7. oink says:

    I just love it….i wish i was the man ripping her clothes she was so damn hot~~!!! Who cares about the crowd…i was just crazy to see her sexy body………………………

    Support your American Disabled Veterans~~~!!

  8. Dood says:

    Weird… I actually got upset watching this. She’s hot and all but I felt too bad for her. I fucking hate sharking. H-A-T-E, I’m using the word ‘hate’ here on breast exposing you get it?

  9. Cliff says:

    The lady is a Spanish porn actress, link in WaY’s post above. It was undoubtedly a setup, as was her “embarrassment”. And yes, she has outstanding breasts.

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