Christy Marks Washing A Car

Christy Marks is one of SCORE’s new girls. I cant quite decide what I think of her. In some pics I would totally do her and in some pics I’d have to be a little drunk to do her. I think pic #8 is amazing though and its for that pic alone Im posting this. I think we can all agree that her boobs are pretty nice at least. What do you guys think?

Pictures from: Christy Marks
Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks Christy Marks

6 comments on “Christy Marks Washing A Car”

  1. morrdigan says:

    Nice jugs. But I feel a little bad taking advantage of a “special” person. Especially when I see pic 5. 😉

  2. ac3boy says:

    I can hear the thoughts in God’s head now, “Damn, I gotta stop drinking when I am making chicks…Sorry about everything Christy, here are some boobs to make up for it.” Heh, now that was just mean of me.

  3. MrD666 says:

    I’m tired of her and find her seriously unattractive… really, its weird shit, cause I tend to like MOST GIRLS… of any size or shape… with bigggggggg tittaz.

    I think there is something in the way she looks that shes ONLY doing it (porn), cause she cant get a real job… if you feel what I’m saying?

  4. Stan says:

    That’s the nicest car they could find for the shoot?

  5. Hwy247 says:

    I’d totally do her even if I just had one pepsi!

  6. Spurger, Tx says:

    I’ve masturbated to her pictures dozens of times, she is just one of the sexiest girls I’ve seen. I would have me a field day on me some Christy Marks. She’s makes my dick hard, every time I see her, just saying!!!

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