8 comments on “Chloe Vevrier’s Victorian Boobs”

  1. I Just Ejaculated Everywhere says:

    That’s not Victorian.

    I’m no history buff but it looks Georgian to me.

    Seriously, the Victorian period heralded the industrial revolution and is characterised as a departure from the lavish excess we see above.

    It might not be Georgian but it sure as hell isn’t Victorian.

  2. yeti says:

    I would’ve guessed Georgian or Rococo. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    But lavish excess? No…

  3. dood says:

    It’s the Titslian era.

  4. kama says:

    one of the nicer sets i’ve seen of her in a long time

  5. Papoace says:

    Wow ! Luv the hugh tits

  6. Johnny says:

    Oh my Fcuking God!!!! Talk about MASSIVE!!!! Jesus Christ. Just imagine squirting your spunk between them….. Aah god, I want her to give me a titwank….. My fella is different UP for it… But I think I will only have to dream about as I go and wank myself off…..

  7. Mark says:

    During the (long) Victorian era there was indeed plenty of lavish excess, especially in dress, ornamentation and decor. The era was characterised by an eventual over-abundance of detail. The dress could certainly be of mid-Victorian vintage, although the wig perhaps makes one think more of Marie Antoinette, which maybe creates a visual paradox. Nothing confusing about how gorgeous Chloe looks though, a superb set!

  8. Cess Ukit says:

    This is not Victorian style but rather the style, and era, of 16th century Marie Antoinette; the Dauphine/Queen of France.

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