Catholic High School Girls In Trouble – Trailer

I am mostly posting this video for the Uschi Digard shower scene. That has to be one of the greatest shower scenes in the history of movies. Its at the 64 sec mark.
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7 comments on “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble – Trailer”

  1. Oz says:

    Classic scene from one very funny movie! There’s also a great scene at the end with a couple getting in on in front of the TV News.

  2. dumdum says:

    First time I saw this movie I was completley mesmorized by Uschi tits…..OHHH Yeaaaa!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Excellent movie and most excellent clip,Bravo!

  4. crispy says:

    so who is shower tits girl?

  5. dumdum says:

    She is Uschi Digard… She was big in the 70’s

  6. happydoctor says:

    can some one help me…about where can i download this complete movie..or buy it … its looks really awesome movie

  7. Bill says:

    happydoctor, if you’re still looking for it, it’s a scene from a skit movie called Kentucky Fried Movie. I think either Hollywood Video or Blockbuster carries it. But that’s the only thing you’ll see from CHSGIT, it was a fictional movie in the movie.

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