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Plus-Sized Model Abby Valdes Topless in New York!

Plus sized model Abby Valdes is the next woman to take her bare breasts to the streets of NYC to protest the great injustice that is topless inequality in this so called society of ours!

“A man can walk down the street with his chest seen and you wouldn’t blink an eye and say to your friends ‘Well that’s sacred and he should cover up his chest for his partner’. You don’t say that,” the self-described “nudist” and “pioneer of plus-size modelling” said to The Weekly.

“Women have been objectified and banned, shamed or made to feel like its taboo to show themselves because we are an item to be sexually desired and nothing more.”

“Men of course have been objectified in their own way but they are still allowed to present themselves. Even if you watch movies or magazines, you can’t show a woman’s breast, even Instagram will delete your photos for showing nipples, no matter how tasteful.”

I hate to break this to Abby, but I’m feeling plenty of desire for her big boobs in a sexual way. I guess thats the issue. I see an artful tit, and as a man I just want to grab it and have some fun. Tits will always be sexual.

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Abby Valdes topless in NYCAbby Valdes topless in NYCAbby Valdes topless in NYCAbby Valdes topless in NYC