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Date Asa Akira in Booty Calls Video Game!

Asa Akira - Booty Calls

Asa Akira has become the first porn star to become a digital character in a video game! She is now available as a downloadable for the free to play game Booty Calls which is basically a dating sim. You meet various girls and just as in real life, the end goal is to get them to like you and have sex with them.

Asa Akira is now one of those girls and you can go on a date with an erotic, animated version of Asa including real-life voice-overs, and laden with personality quirks. Here’s an interview that she did about the game:

How do you feel after recording for Booty Calls?
“It was really fun! I got to be involved in the dialogue choices, so it was written in a way that it sounds naturally like me. It just felt like we went right through it because everything is in my voice anyway. Also, I was really surprised at how many phrases there are because I guess you have to choose your own adventure.”

Would people get a feel of what it is like to date Asa Akira by playing this game?
“For sure, because everything is said in my language. It’s funny because I am a really inquisitive person, people always ask me to slow down with the 21 questions. That’s how I am in the game too. I am also surprised at how many sex noises I can make, because a good third of it is during sex.”

Would you date your character?
“I don’t know yet if I am drawn to a character like myself, or a personality like myself. But I’m excited to give it a try for the first time and see what it’s like. It’s the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to actually date myself, I’m sure it’s going to be hot.”

What is it like seeing yourself in a videogame?
“It’s really cool, I really like the way the character looks. She is the hottest version of me, so I am very into her. I have always loved how in videogames or in animations, the curves are so exaggerated, which is definitely the kind of body that I wish I had, but totally unattainable in real life. She is such an hourglass. Moreover, her outfit is literally something that I own.”

Click here to play the game

Asa Akira - Booty Calls

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Interview with Porn Star Mariah Milano!

Mariah Milano

Recently retired porn star and chef Mariah Milano was nice enough to do an interview with me! She is very lovely and you will enjoy this.

Q: Hi Mariah, you just retired from shooting adult movies but what made you get into the industry in the first place and how old were you?
A: It was 9 days after I turned 18 back in January of 1998. I ran into an old friend who was on her way to shoot and she took me with her, I met everyone and they offered me $1500 to do my first scene. I was a single mom so I did it.

Q: How was your first shoot? Great or were you nervous?
A: I had only been with one guy in my life and I was terrified. I am still a shy person but back then I was painfully shy so it was very awkward.

Q: Hundreds of movies later, have your attitude towards porn or sex changed at all?
A: Towards porn, very much so. The industry has gotten so crazy with all the girls working full time as escorts and only shooting movies on the side. The testing is a mess and I don’t trust any of it. Especially now with someone I have known and liked for 14 years fraudulently altering tests. It just reinforces my feelings that porn is not for me.

Q: Do you ever look back and watch your old movies? Do you feel like you improved a lot from your old performances?
A: I have some of those old scenes on my site and some of them are good but I was so shy and so young. I really improved when I got older in every way.

Q: If you had to pick, whats your favourite and whats your worst moment during your career in porn?
A: My Favorite moment was probably winning the award for best website in the Miss Freeones contest last year. Very proud moment because it was for my site (Mariah XXX) which I have put so much work into and voted on by the fans. A great honor. The worst…getting fucked out of my check when I shot my first scene back in the business by Justin Slayer in 2007.

Mariah Milano
Award Winning!

Q: We’re all about the boobs here at Boobie Blog and when you first got started you had lovely boobies which you then decided to get enhanced into bigger boobies. Did you always want bigger boobs or did you do it because of your career in porn?
A: Not at all. I had left the industry in November of 2000 and got my boobs enhanced the following month. I didn’t shoot another scene until 2007, so the boobs were for me and only for me. 🙂

Q: And for the lucky SOB who gets to play with them! Anyway, I think Dinner with a Porn Star (Dinner with a Porn Star) is a great idea because I think every guy
would love to have a sexy woman cook for him, especially if she is naked under the apron. How did the idea come about?
A: I love to cook and food is very stimulating and in a lot of ways similar to sex. I did a cooking webcam show and decided to make a site out of it. I have since expanded it to include travel photos and videos and reviews of my travels around the world.

Q: Is there any particular food you think is sexy? A Banana?
A: I don’t see food in that way. I don’t think mixing food and sex at the same time is sexy. I think that sexy food is something exotic and filled with layers of flavor and textures. Like Oysters with the taste of the sea or a great plate of pasta or a very rich dessert. That can be very sexy to me if it’s presented properly.

Q: You also travel on your new site. I always find that I have lots of sex while on vacation, is it the same for you and why do you think that is?
A: Hotel room sex is amazing. It ads so much to the experience for some reason. I think it also has to do with experiencing new things being very sexy in many ways.

Q: Do you think you would ever be able to bring your cooking / traveling site to a TV network or are you happy with the site as it is?
A: I actually already have 2 cable networks who are going to be running my cooking and travel segments. One in Germany and another in the UK and I have been in discussions with a major US cable network as well. So stay tuned! 🙂

Q: Where would your dream place to travel be?
A: I have been to most of the places I wish to visit but I think Mauritious is my dream vacation.

Q: Thanks again for doing this interview and if you ever travel to Toronto you are more than welcome to come by and cook me lunch for a special Boobie Blog episode!
A: I will be in Toronto this weekend and thank you for having me! 🙂

So, did Mariah cook for Niklas? That will be a tale for the future! Until then, check out Mariah’s websites: Mariah XXX and Dinner with a Porn Star


Interview with a Nude Maid!

Nude Maid

Nude maids have always fascinated me! What’s it like to show up at someones house and clean their filth while naked? Luckily nude maid Genevive Kiss who runs GTA French Maids was nice enough to answer my questions!

Q: Hi Genevive, whats your age and how long have you worked as a nude maid?
A: I am 24 years old, and I have been a nude maid for 4 years.

Q: How did you get started? Did you work as a regular maid previously or do you have a history of doing other things in adult, like stripping or modeling?
A: Four years ago I had originated the idea from a dream that I had about owning an adult cleaning service. Before that, I owned and operated an escort agency in Hamilton and surrounding areas for two years. I also worked as a part time lingerie model and online webcam performer.

Q: Wow, that’s quite the past! To be a nude maid you must enjoy being watched, are you always nude in your personal life as well? Do you clean your own home naked?
A: Well yes, I love being watched, I enjoy the attention and the whole fantasy role-playing concept of it. At home I do clean in the nude and also cook in the nude. I am a naked chef!

Q: I like that, please invite me the next time you are cooking! What kind of maids do you have on staff?
A: I usually hire women according to categories, girl next door (barely legal), exotic (mixed ladies) and mature older ladies.

Q: Do they have really filthy homes that needs cleaning or do they mostly hire you for the show?
A: The majority of the clients do have messy homes and yes of course they call for the show as well! It’s a bonus.

Q: Is there usually a lot of interaction between you and the client? Like.. do they direct you to “bend over and clean that spot” or do most simply watch as you work?
A: There’s is a verbal interaction between the maid and the client because it is like fantasy sex. They can direct or just watch, which ever the client prefers. But, there is a no touching policy, my company is licensed and not sex related.

Q: Speaking of touching. Every guy probably had a fantasy involving a maid, do you get a lot of proposals for sexual favors? How do you handle those?
A: We do get alot of proposals for sexual favors and, some ask the maids out to dates when they are not on the job. But, before the appointment is booked the maid and client initials a waiver, stating that both of them agree to the terms and conditions of the company.

Q: Whats your favorite part of being a nude maid? The cleaning or the taking off your clothes and putting on a hot show part?
A: Well, my favourite part is the cleaning and role-playing! Putting on a French accent and telling the client how much of a bad boy he is and how its so filthy the stripping part is always fun. I love the reaction when they see my breasts.

Q: I bet! Which household job is the worst doing while nude? Best job?
A: The worst is cleaning the floor on hands and knees and, folding laundry. I hate it. The best household job is dusting, I love to bend over and pretending to be so innocent about it.

Q: I think anyone would enjoy you bending over.. What’s the weirdest think happening while on a job?
A: I once had a client who wanted to suck on the dirty rags after cleaning. He had a very weird fetish and I thought it was hilarious!

Q: Is there any other job you wish you could do while nude?
A: I wish I could do everything in the nude! Wearing nothing is the best feeling in the world but unfortunately I can only do that when I’m home. I am naked 24/7!

My kind of girl! If you’re in Toronto or the GTA and would like to hire Genevive Kiss or any of her maids go to GTA French Maids

Nude maidNude maidNude maidNude maidNude maidNude maid

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6 Questions to Wendy Fiore aka Wendy4


Q: Your bikini and lingerie photo sets have been driving us mad for years now. Will you ever pose topless or nude?
A: I don’t like to say never but I think unlikely. I doubt I’d ever be that comfortable knowing that anyone would be able to view me naked. That’s the kind of thing I like to keep more intimate and personal.

Q: Would you still turn down a topless spread in Playboy or doing a topless scene in a big Hollywood movie?
A: I don’t like to say never but just not likely. Sorry!

Q: You have a tremendous skill at showing as much cleavage and nakedness as possible without actually being naked, how do you pull that off and is there a secret vault of nip slip photos somewhere?
A: Haha I always try to stay in my comfort zone but even the outfits we’ve been choosing lately have been keeping me on my toes so I hope the photos/videos are appreciated! 😉 I’m really careful about slips but any photo that I feel uncomfortable with gets erase directly off the camera right away so I don’t worry about it.

Q: You obviously have a lot of fans (I’m one of em!), have you ever got any insane offers from any of them to pose topless in private or to meet them?
A: Nope, no offers to do anything crazy. But I want to do some meet n greets! I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’d decided who I’d choose, any ideas are appreciated!

Q: You got started with sports by brooks (unless I’m mistaken) and moved on to setting up your own website. Are you happy with where you are now or do you have any big plans for the future?
A: I am very happy with where I am but I think that’s because I’m happy about who I am. My plan for the future? Continue what I’m doing which is having fun.

Q: I think I read that you are currently single, what can a regular guy do to get your attention? Is staring at your boobs a good tactic? That’s what most regular guys do I assume.
A: Haha I’ll be honest, I’m not sure exactly what the best way to approach me is… I don’t even know where to meet people anymore but if someone wants to talk the best way would be to talk to me as you would anyone else. And tell me about something they’re interested in or passionate about.

Get all the Wendy Fiore you can handle at: Wendy4


Blowjob Expert Camille Crimson Interview

The art of blowjob

Camille Crimson is the star of The Art of Blowjob which is all about filming beautiful blowjobs! It’s always awesome to see a girl who knows how to give good head and after viewing some of Camille’s videos I think its safe to say that she’s an expert. Here is my interview with her:

Q: What is it about blowjobs that you love so much?
A: They’re very sensual. It’s very erotic to feel the changes on my tongue, from soft to hard and then from hard to throbbing and finally feeling his cum. It’s hard to fully describe, but it’s very satisfying to give that much pleasure.

Q: From your perspective, what would be the perfect blowjob?
A: The perfect blowjob for me is something that is very passionate and about an intense connection. That’s why I love giving blowjobs to my boyfriend… It’s about how I want to make him feel good and knowing that he appreciates this sensation so much. Seeing his reactions and letting those push me further in my creativity and sensuality is the key to a really amazing blowjob.

Q: Do you enjoy receiving oral as much as giving?
A: I like receiving as well, but I think I’ve become nearly obsessed with giving.

Q: Shaved balls or not?
A: It doesn’t matter to me! As long as I have good access, it’s all perfectly fine.

Q: Do you swallow?
A: I do! I think it’s a really sexy part of giving a blowjob, but sometimes a cumshot elsewhere is really fun too.

Q: Is your boyfriend the luckiest man in the world?
A: Haha, well, I think we’re both pretty lucky. We make fun, sexy videos on our own terms with the person we love and we’re able to do that for our full-time jobs!

Q: Do you have any tips for guys who want more blowjobs from their wife / girlfriend?
A: Honestly, give more to get more, without making that your motive. The more caring, sweet, loving, passionate and focused on her you can be, the more likely she will appreciate this and want to focus on things that would make you feel good. You can also have a good discussion about what you like in sex (on both sides) and include that you really love blowjobs and maybe even point her to one of my videos as inspiration. A lot of women forget that a blowjob can be a really beautiful thing.

Q: What do you think about titjobs? This is Boobie Blog after all 🙂
A: I’ve done some titjob videos and I’d definitely love to do more. I think there are few things sexier than seeing my boyfriend’s cock nuzzled between my breasts.

Thanks to Camille for the interview!
Check out her website at The Art of Blowjob

Free video of her in action!

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Sarah White is the Naked Consultant

Sarah White

Do you need tutoring? Need some coding done for a website? Need therapy? Why not get it from Sarah White, who operates Sarah White Consulting, and who is well qualified to help in all areas! So, what makes her any different than any other consultant? Well, she works naked! This is the first time I’ve heard of a naked consultant so I had to ask her a few questions..

Q: Where did the idea for being a naked consultant come from?
A: Well, I love to be naked and work naked. One day I was sitting at my computer naked working on a website and it occured to me that, well, some people might like ot watch me do it! I’ve always freelanced and have three professional profiles – I’ve worked as a therapist, a website designer/coder, and a tutor. So I thought – why not offer them all through the naked consultant, naked, live, through cams online? What could be more fun that that!?

Q: How exactly does it work? If I hire you for two hours for some naked tutoring, do you start off naked or do you strip during the session?
A: That’s a great question! My typical consultation lasts one hour long (though I would do a two hour session). I start however you request! I could be totally naked (there are three price levels – bra, topless and naked – your pick:). Or, I can start in my business suit and you can ask me to take off my clothes – all at once… one piece at a time… 🙂

Q: How far do you go? Do you just strip or do you take requests for more than just nudity?
A: I do take requests that are tastefull. I usually have a drink on hand that I sip through a straw, or some fruit that I nibble on. I’ll get up, do a dance, maybe more… As I get to know you and you become a regular client, I may take more requests…

Q: Were you ever concerned that you will attract clients who are more interested in sex than your consulting skills?
A: Yeah, that is a concern! For that reason, my regular consultation lasts an hour (rather than being pay by the minute). I want clients who are into interested in my services AND interested in chatting with a naked girl.

Q: Since you choose to work naked you must be a bit of an exhibitionist, did you always enjoy being nude?
A: Ahh, you are right on there, Boobieblog. I do enjoy being nude. When working or just hanging around my apartment cooking or cleaning. And I enjoy other people watching while I’m nude. So if that’s an exhibitionist, then yes, I definitely am!!

Q: You are obviously well educated with several degrees which don’t usually lead to being naked online. Are you concerned you might not be taken seriously?
A: I think if people look closely at my site they will see that I should be taken seriously. I always enjoy studying and learning, and I like to think of my intelligence as adventurous and creative. Through my educations in school and out, I’ve developed a real taste for spicing things up. This is fun for me… As in, what’s better than designing a website for a client? Well, designing it for them naked, as they watch! Plus, I’ve developed the practice of Naked Therapy through scientific and psychoanalytic research. So my services are thoughtful, intentional, and fun! I can’t imagine a better combination!

Q: Who are your typical clients, men or women?
A: Mostly men 🙂

To find out more about Sarah or hire her: check out her website!