Carrie Stevens Takes a Bath

I had no idea that Carrie Stevens was so popular among you folk, otherwise I would’ve made sure to post her more often. Either way, here is another sexy set from Blue Nudes of Carrie checking out her hot nude body in the mirror while taking a bath. I would do the same if I had her boobs.

Pictures from: Blue Nudes

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9 comments on “Carrie Stevens Takes a Bath”

  1. Khan says:

    Operation “No fap October” : FAIL.

  2. Lance burton says:

    Pretty solid body, spectacular boobs, and overall pleasing shape.

  3. Deniseforevah says:

    She was a lot hotter 10 years ago, before the droop factor…

  4. Rexx says:

    I’d say she’s still pretty damn hot. It’s clear they are cleaning her up a lot but those tits are (still) outstanding. Post more Nik

  5. JA says:

    Check the copyright guys, these ARE over 10 years old. She always drooped, even in her first playboy appearance in the 90s…

  6. r says:

    This is what a woman should look like. Beautiful.

  7. dood says:

    She is and will always be female perfection.

  8. anonymous says:


  9. Tony says:

    Beautiful girl, love her long hair. What’s up with her pussy though? It looks strange.

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