Ah, I was in the caribana parade in Toronto yesterday and I am officially pooped. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Caribana, its a big Trinidad parade held in Toronto every year. A lot of fun but the sun and heat were killing me.

I am now going to go sleep for a week!

4 comments on “Caribana”

  1. Christopher Kowalsky Sr. says:

    Rest well Niklas. Sleep tight. See you next week I guess. Do you mind if I take over your site this week? I promise to return it in top-notch condition.

  2. Christopher Kowalsky Sr. says:

    It looks like you won’t be missed this week Niklas. Not one single comment since yesterday and that was from me. I may be your biggest fan this week and there’s nothing even new posted on your Website.

  3. punk says:

    wow this christopher guy seems to be obsessed w/ our webmaster lol freak … well glad u enjoyed ur trip niklas but need sum new material here

  4. warren says:

    Hey I try and keep my comments to correcting mistakes and hope ya feel better niklas

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