11 comments on “By The Way..”

  1. yoav says:

    wow, congratulations on the new design man.. looks great!

  2. Tom says:

    Its kind of annoying..

  3. pinderface says:

    Nice new design, but side menu appears right down at the bottom on Safari.

  4. yoav says:

    I would suggest expanding it a little, a lot of people today are working on higher resolutions and wide screens, I think you can expand the entire thing by another 80 pixels and it would be a lot more comfortable to read.

    Also, I would add a small gap between the two columns…

  5. yoav says:

    AND. I would make the “Boobie Blog” headline link back to the home page.

  6. d says:

    looks great in windows, but it lags so bad in linux

  7. Drendar says:

    No offense, but I prefered the OLD Boobie Blog.

  8. TheFonz says:

    yeah… the background makes it kind of hard to see… Sorry man.

  9. Oskar says:

    nice look, but could be wider. Also, a bit of a surprise. Had to look twice to confirm it was the usual site and not some typo in the addressbar 🙂

  10. Nash says:

    Hey Nick..
    Looks great.. Only a little fine tuning to it.. Like Yoav says.. make the text look broader with appropriate gaps between every frame.. This looks a little cluttered.. Anyway, I know you are a genius.. You will make it look the best..!! Keep it up mayn.. Spike wants to Thank you for all the updates.. Its been quite a workout he does listening to your music here.. hahahahaaa.. Laters..

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