5 comments on “Brittany Elizabeth Snapped Cowgirl Selfies!”

  1. bob says:

    Those look like flesh colored beach balls about to pop. Whatever blows your hair back I guess.

    1. Jume4 says:

      “flesh colored beach balls about to pop”, lol, that’s just about right!

  2. CygnusX1 says:

    pin up files doing their usual photoshop hackjob – whomever did this should hang their head in shame
    what have they photoshopped into her eyes? you can see this blatantly in pic 4

    i love Brittany, but she’s not been well served by PuF at all

    1. Arkron says:

      Assuming you’re talking about the white rings in her eyes, I suggest you Google “circular light photography” before screaming PHOTOSHOP!! from the rooftop of your home.

  3. mikeroyne says:

    shes really fucked up looking; she definitely crossed the uncanny valley. too bad, she used to be so gorgeous

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