Britain Going Bust – Zoo

So, apparantly Zoo magazine has discovered that Britain is suffering from the economic downturn and has officially gone bust! Im not sure what that has to do with all these wonderfully busty ladies though?

ooooOOO.. I get it! Its a play on words. Clever. I love all the boobies below.

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Busty Britsh babesBusty Britsh babesBusty Britsh babesBusty Britsh babes

3 comments on “Britain Going Bust – Zoo”

  1. gary says:

    good to see kate booth, there just isn’t enough of her

  2. robert says:

    that Kim Acourt is hot!

  3. BigBob says:

    Amylu Bennett has got godlike breasts, they are so perfect, i can’t stop looking at them!

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