Boobs in Japan – Ruri Saijo

Everyone is familiar with busty Japanese phenomenons Hitomi Tanaka and Yoko Matsugane but, there is a whole bunch of Japanese models and porn stars who are equally impressive in the boob department. I’ve decided to do an introduction series where every couple of weeks or so I will introduce you to a new busty Japanese babe and this time we get to meet Ruri Saijo!

Ruri Saijo

Ruri Saijo is a 22-year old Tokyo native who started her career as a gravure idol in 2010 but only appeared in one movie before moving on to becoming an AV (Adult Video) model! Good thing because even though her big naturals look tantalizing covered up, hiding them would be a damn shame! She has steadily appeared in various Japanese porn flicks since her debut and is showing no signs of stopping!

Starting things off innocently in a bikini
Ruri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri Saijo

Sexing it up in lingerie
Ruri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri Saijo

Before having boobs massages
Ruri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri Saijo

And ultimatly getting fucked!
Ruri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri SaijoRuri Saijo

Ruri Saijo also stars in a Japanese TV drama called Yamikin Ushijima-Kun! Here is a clip of her in it.

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    I got a serious case of yellow fever for her!

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    Very nice! And I love the idea behind this series. Keep it up, Niklas!

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