Boobie Blog\’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

I actually thought the last battle would be a lot closer than it was. Basically Lindsey Strutt killed off Linsey Dawn McKenzie with 78% of the votes. 3345 votes were counted and Lindsey Strutt got 2595 and Linsey Dawn McKenzie only got 749. Strutt moves on!

Next up we got Michelle Marsh vs. Cara Brett. Two sexy blondes. For more Michelle Marsh pics go here and for more Cara Brett pics go here

Round 1: FIGHT!

Michelle Marsh vs. Cara Brett


The progress of the battle so far:
Boobie Battle

11 comments on “Boobie Blog\’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. Master Orion says:

    I’m predicting another landslide here, but Im gonna put my vote towards the underboobie of this match!

  2. dragonrunnr says:

    I agree. I’m going with Cara as well.

    My only gripe with Michelle Marsh is that she reminds me of Billie Piper’s mother from Dr. Who and she just grates on my nerves!

  3. kellen says:

    I want to vote for Cara, but looking at a back-to-back photo from Nuts with the two of them, Michelle’s are just so much bigger. The photo’s shown for this vote topic are not the best. Do your research people. Your penis will thank you.

  4. Greg Amburn says:

    No offense but this is boring. When are you going to start posting all of those pics you mentioned you have saved up while you were dealing with the site issues?

  5. nitzan says:

    Michelle Marsh is obviously the #1 seed… she is pure viagra…. but Cara is a keen addition. Why put her in the hardest bracket? Just picking the lesser of two unattractive girls in the last bracket from the last round was tough… what a waste for Cara… she could’ve trounced those two

  6. Aznality says:

    This isn’t very fair. I happen to like both of them.

  7. Niklas says:

    re: Greg Amburn. When I posted several magazine scans in a row I got complaints that I posted too many so Im damned if I do and damned if I dont.

  8. Greg Amburn says:

    re: Niklas- the comment was based on a reply you made earlier. “1. Tim – There has been a lot of lad mag spreads lately and with the server/bandwith problems I got a bit of a backlog.”

  9. Niklas says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean and I still have a magazine backlog. I started to post one magazine spread a day and thats when I got some complaints I was posting too many. Thats why Im holding them back a little 🙂

  10. razia says:

    not fair.i like both of them but quality always wins in front of quantity so its cara

  11. kk says:

    Michelle Marsh sexy blondes in the World’s

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