Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

Lucy Pinder puts another victory under her belt by defeating Seren Gibson. Can Lucy ever be stopped? Lucy Pinder recieved 2220 votes (73%) and Seren Gibson recieved 825 votes (27%). Lucy Pinder moves on!

Next up Keeley Hazell takes on Peta Todd. Will Peta Todd’s bigger boobs be a match for Keeley Hazell’s juggs of perfection? Cast your votes and we will find out! More Keeley pics here and more Peta pics here

Round 2: FIGHT!


Keeley Hazell vs. Peta Todd

Boobie Battle

7 comments on “Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. Phil says:

    It’s gonna be a tricky one it Keeley gets thru this round… Keeley vs Lucy P next round…. dunno who to pick!!! :oO

  2. Someone says:

    Keeley or Lucy arent my favourites but I just dont like Peta at all, so its got to be keeley this round heading towards the predictable final

  3. jeff says:

    dont make me laugh – keeleys going to win the whole damn thing – shes the most beautiful & has the best tits ive ever seen – hands down !!!!!

  4. vinch says:

    so the final will be lucy vs keeley…why other girls are here?

  5. mem says:

    What a waste of time! You’d have to be blind (and stupid) not to pick Keeley.

  6. Edward says:

    the thing is that until Keeley actually was photographed by a competent photographer she was just another nice looking chick with decent boobs. Now she’s in another galaxy. The contest should be for second place. She’s the complete package. And I’m not just saying this because she’s my girlfriend.

    (really….I can dream, can’t I?)

  7. Drendar says:

    Seriously Niklas, even if some chicks MIGHT be hotter than Lucy or Keeley, they’ll still win due to popularity…

    Prepare for a 49.99/50.01 split on Lucy v. Keeley BTW.

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