Boobie Blog Is On A New Server

Here is the simple deal on why there hasent been a whole lot of updates lately. Too many visitors for the server to handle which caused a major slow down. I didnt see much point in setting up updates when the site was loading so slow anyway. The site has now been moved to a faster server and so far it seems to load a lot faster. Pls keep in mind that Boobie Blog is a one person operation. If I had employees and lots of money all this would’ve been solved a lot faster.. lol

Anyways.. on to todays update which will be up in a few hours!

4 comments on “Boobie Blog Is On A New Server”

  1. Red says:

    It is loading really really fast now. Thankya!

  2. dragonrunnr says:

    Wow, that made a huge difference! Thanks Niklas!

  3. Ryanlee747 says:

    It is way faster. Thank you for your dedication to bringing us the boobies

  4. razia says:

    hey nik baby!thank you so much for this. i am really for almost losing my faith in love.
    great work.i love you sweetheart

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