Boobie Babes

Here is a bit of a new feature on Boobie Blog. When I search the web for boobylicuous stuff to put up on the site I come by a lot of babes who I think are hot, but for whatever reason never make it on to the site. Sooo.. instead of letting you guys miss out, Ive decided to add them as links to other sites. Please be aware that at the time of linking none of these sites had pop-ups or anything like that but since I have no control of them, that can change at any time.

4 comments on “Boobie Babes”

  1. Deckard says:

    Cool, the 3rd picture link is of Simi, same girl from the Frustration update, 8 posts below this one. Thanks for showing us, Niklas!

  2. High on Fire says:

    3rd pic tits are fantastic…

  3. perv says:

    hey nice post. the babe in the middle has another name too – Katie Fey. search her and you’ll find much more her assets. she is so hot. jenya D is also katie dey

  4. perv says:

    sori, not katie dey. its “katie fey”

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