Boob Screensaver Interrupts Presentation

That has to be pretty embarrassing but I bet his screensaver was more entertaining than the actual presentation!

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Boob interrupt presentation

10 comments on “Boob Screensaver Interrupts Presentation”

  1. Achi says:

    Haha poor guy! Great screensaver though 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    Was it actually a screensaver, or had someone tampered with his presentation? Either way, you’ve got to feel for the guy!

  3. XD says:

    at least we know hes straight XD

  4. John says:

    Man, oh man. This guy is such a fucking noob. You always have to be conscious and aware of every aspect of your computer. You have to remember if there’s porn in your bookmarks, bookmarks toobar, mozilla firefox folder, and whether or not its immediately visible when you open said bookmarks. What a dumbass. You always gotta wipe shit clean if your gonna bring your porn computer and use it for a presentation.

  5. Thomas says:

    Speaking of experience there, John?

  6. BigBob says:

    Great tits though.

  7. titfuckingfan says:

    That’s why I’ll always have a separate computer for the office that never EVER sees anything close to porn! Poor dumb bastard…

  8. Gooner says:

    So, uh, if this is a screensaver…anyone know where you can get it?

  9. Master Orion says:

    Where do I get the screen saver, if it is one!!

  10. The Basher says:

    Hey John, a noob? You pissed because he didn’t have gay porn up there? Go suck a cock you cum-chugging sandle-wearing fairy. Also, feel free to FUCK YOURSELF YOU COCKSUCKING PUSSY!!!! LOL!!!!

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