Big Sausage Pizza – Lisa

Ive always liked Big Sausage Pizza. This is a site that uses the classic concept of a pizza guy delivering a pizza and then being greeted by a busty housewife. Awsome stuff! Ive been a member to this site off and on for a while and I can definatley recommend it. Here is Lisa:

Big Sausage Pizza (No pop-ups)
Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa
For the full photo series and the video of Lisa check out Big Sausage Pizza

6 comments on “Big Sausage Pizza – Lisa”

  1. boobstew says:

    now that’s some cheezy porn! love it

  2. ??? says:

    lucky pizza get her boobs all over it

  3. crazy4boobs says:

    incredible boobs, incredible blog.

  4. tim peyton says:

    now that’s a pizza i want to take a bite out of

  5. ryan says:

    tim peyton u are a fag bro , take a bite out of that guys D eh ya QWER

  6. Carl Heckman says:

    I volunteer to lick the cheese off of her tits!

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