4 comments on “Big Boob Tennis with Kate Upton!”

  1. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Great vid! Wish dis whore showed her bod more, like gettin naked and bein gangbanged by 30 niggaz or something. Would be a blast!

    1. Anti ivan says:

      I’d much rather watch you getting gangbanged by 30 nigz, then slowly die of std and shame

      1. TerryLeIncredible says:

        its adorable you’re responding to ILT, but to what end? so far you’ve been much more offensive to another person, leaving your target the moral high ground.

        next time, keep your thoughts to yourself cunt.

  2. Corpse Paint says:

    Love Adventâ„¢: “Celebrating feminism and helping the regular Jane Doe’s of the world be proud of their average bodies by showing you the finest female specimens that planet Earth has to offer!”

    Everyone stop being a dork. We’re people commenting on a boob site… There’s no reason not to get along.

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