Behind the Scenes with Maximum Maggie

Maggie Green is one of those girls who can be smoking hot in one set and not so hot in another. She needs a good photographer who can accentuate her best features, and by that I mean make her tits look awesome.

Some of her best sets are available at her website, Maximum Maggie and here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from those!

Maggie Green’s website: Maximum Maggie

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3 comments on “Behind the Scenes with Maximum Maggie”

  1. Tercero says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like the “new” Maggie look. Maybe she’s trying to hard. She looked better as a SB chick. Kind’a like a girl you’d see at a college bar and want to fuck. The new Maggie just looks like a plastic ho. Meh.

  2. me says:

    I think a lot of it has to do with the makeup. When she was on SBB, she wore a normal amount of makeup (sometimes not much at all), but the pinupfiles guys don’t seem to understand the concept. They pile on tons of it and it just looks like shit. Seriously, look at those ridiculous eyelashes in pic four, and the so-much-makeup-it-looks-like-a-mask look in the final two pics. How can the people at pinupfiles look at the pics they’re making and think, “yeah, she looks much better like this”?

    You’re right, Tercero: she was WAY hotter in the old days.

  3. me says:

    (Just took a quick trip over to sportsbybrooks to check out some old Maggie pics.)

    She looks so good in those old pics…and so not in the new ones. It really gets my goat.

    Bleaching and curling her hair didn’t help, either. She looked much better with darker hair.

    BTW, the chick they call Wendy4 on SBB has RIDICULOUSLY huge boobs. They are WAY out of proportion to her frame, and are super awesome. Hopefully she’s posed nude and there are some pics floating around. With implants that huge, she’s got to at least be a stripper, if not an all-out pornstar. Anybody got any info?

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