Beauty vs The Beast

Okay, the title of this entry might be a little mean but damnit it if it isnt true. Yahoo news reports the following. “Sounding confident, Venus Williams to take on Sharapova in Wimbledon semis”. Read On.

I dont care much for tennis unless Anna Kournikova is playing. This Maria Sharapova chick is cute but way overrated. So she isnt a man beast like the other players, but that doesn’t make her all that hot either. Its the contrast of butt ugly on one side and cute on the other that makes her look so much hotter than what she really is. Let me demonstrate.

On side one. The Beast.
Venus Williams
Whoha, scary. Better cut to the other player aka Beauty.
Maria Sharapova
See, am I right or what? If you still dont believe me then watch the semi final and you’ll see. I still cant or wont deny that its very hot to hear Maria moan every time she hits the ball. That alone tells me she is a little tigress in bed.

Eve Tape Update
Its been confirmed, the Eve tape that I posted below is REAL. It is Eve and apparently the guy fuckign her with a dildo is Bad Boy producer Stevie J. Read the full story.

Smash the balls!

6 comments on “Beauty vs The Beast”

  1. Bill says:

    Maria is a goddess!!

  2. tid seak mai says:

    I love Maria Maria Look so cute But i want fu..k serena because big tits

  3. Joe says:

    is there any where i can get the Eva tape

  4. paijo_jowo says:


  5. Nebula says:

    she hot!!!! *i’d bounce those tits to.*

  6. angry clown says:

    youre a joke…thats not even venus yuo dick

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