Ayse Tezel Nude in Spartacus

I’ve been watching Spartacus on Starz and, because I like bloody Gladiator battles and tits I really like the show! I have yet to get to the final season ((War of the Damned) though but watching this scene with naked actress Ayse Tezel makes me want to jump in tonight! Those tits are very perky if they are real.

Pictures from: Mr. Skin

Ayse Tezel nudeAyse Tezel nudeAyse Tezel nudeAyse Tezel nudeAyse Tezel nudeAyse Tezel nude

Clip from: Mr. Skin

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  1. Fred says:

    Dont want to spoil anything but i saw interview with the cast and Lucy Lawless who was in the first season, told that they use a pubic wig in the nude scenes. Dont know if all the girls are using it, but who cares good pics anyways.

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