Arika Foxx In The Shower

Wow, gorgeous boobs!

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25 comments on “Arika Foxx In The Shower”

  1. Morre says:

    Yesss, I reckon you have – finally – found the perfect boobs. Cheers!

  2. dave99 says:

    wow she is something, anyone know who it is???

  3. Niklas says:

    The title of the post hints at her name..

  4. Aaron says:

    It’s not a hint Sir Niklas it very clearly says her name… some people are just completely retarded.

    As for the girl I find her very attractive honestly I get annoyed whenever I see a woman showering in clothes though. It’s just stupid and all I can think about is how goofy it looks. Oh well I guess she can just add it to the laundry she does when she gets out of the shower. This way she can cook topless since she ruined her clothes too!

  5. yoav says:

    Da Bitch iz HOT!

    looks slightly retarded though.. but you can’t argue with those breasts.

    Unless the argument is, which one do I like more. And trust me, that argument would last ALL NIGHT.

  6. ac3boy says:

    So hard…Pull me out…King of England…Something like that.

  7. Bob says:

    That is an amazing video. She’s super hot.. What a chest! Good work my man!

  8. Mynameisnictoo says:

    we must have more niklas, we must have more.

  9. jac says:

    LOL Pete!
    and damn, perfect find Niklas.

  10. justBooBs says:

    Nice picture, Mynameisnictoo. I’m sure Aaron will totally love that.

  11. Aaron says:

    Yeah I would love to see more. Like I said this woman is really gorgeous.

    As for Pete’s picture of me… I’m a hotel advertisement? I mean I get you’re going for a “LOL AARON IS GAY LAUGH WITH ME PEOPLE!” reaction but how about growing a functioning brain and realizing that if you’re going to insult someone you should do it in a way that makes even a hint of fucking sense.

    For example since I’m obviously NOT a building maybe a better intro to your link would have been “Hey Aaron, I found a great vacation spot for you!” See now if you had said that it would have still been retarded but it would have at least MADE SENSE. You know what, forget it, it’s not my fault you didn’t pay attention in elementary school.

  12. Todd Yoder says:

    you want the rest of this video… here it is you only saw the end in Niklas’ (safe i promise)

  13. Edward says:

    Yes, Pete, how did you miss that the day they covered it in elementary school? Aaron is clearly not a building, because buildings usually are unable to type. However, one must ask whether there’s a reason he insists on dudes using the “rear entrance”.

    /s/ Perplexed Straight Guy

  14. ac3boy says:

    A building…PRICELESS!!! HAHA

  15. Davo says:

    Aaron I think you missed the not so subtle nueance of the gay hotel pic. It is indeed a picture of you as it says clearly “You are here”…….. “You” being you (Aaron) and “here” being in the gay hotel……. thus making you a huge homo. Rest assured that nobody here thinks you are a building, but it seems many have you down as gay.

  16. licald says:

    Okay, here you go. That’s a good start: “Like I said this woman is really gorgeous.” As opposed to “this worthless bitch is going to love it when I rape her butt.”

  17. MrD666 says:

    Honestly… I have seen hotter. Shes not ALL THAT.

  18. Aaron says:

    You’re out of your element Davo. The blatant homophobia in your post alone is probably offending just as many people as I am. I’m not gay, I don’t care if anyone believes I am as I think everyone should accept their sexuality for what it is and not be punished or looked down on for it (within reasonable moral guidelines of course, ie: no beastiality, pedophilia, shit like that)

    Do I have problems with women and trust issues? Sure but who gives a fuck? I didn’t even say anything offensive with regards to this (fantastic) post so just shut the hell up and don’t attack me or anyone else for their (alleged or otherwise) sexual orientation.

    Bonus post: To the people speculating on why I like ravaging a woman in the asshole 1) It’s Tight 2) It’s Warm and 3) It’s more degrading to women.

  19. Davo says:

    When did I call you or anyone else gay? I was merely explaining the joke to you as you clearly didn’t get it. I said many believe you to be gay. Personally I believe you to be a virgin.

    Can I also put in a formal request for you to stop talking about your trust issues (yawn). How about you stick to the so bad its funny porno talk I’ve grown to love.

  20. Edward says:

    I thought the dude was gay. I guess I was wrong. I just assumed anyone who’s yakkin’ about wanting the backpipe has either done time or gone for the bender scene.

    Davo’s right, though: Aaron’s got the cheesy porno talk down pretty well. I assume it’s just a matter of copy and paste at this point. Still, a breath of fresh air, in some ways.

  21. Perry Cummo says:

    Here’s an oddity: On a web site I came across a comment posted by someone calling themself “Aaron”. It wasn’t even a gayish web site, that’s what’s odd, but here’s the post:

    “This is fate! Is your cock large, thick, long, veiny, throbbing, bursting with your seed? No? Okay, we’ll suck mine!”

    Is that weird?

  22. razia says:

    my god!aaron is on fire and im totally on his side. what he says always make he says some people really act like retards

  23. Mynameisnictoo says:

    GOD DAMMIT. There is no reason to get into a flame-war with other people on a porn site. Just fap and move on for gods sake.

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