Another Denise Milani Nip Slip!

Well, this Denise Milani nip slip definatly looks real to me! I think it also confirms that the other nip slip I posted is real as well because those are two very similar nipples. Im happy about obtaining these shots but I still want her to pose fully topless. Thanks to Volume for the pic.

Pictures from: Denise Milani

Denise Milani nipple slip

26 comments on “Another Denise Milani Nip Slip!”

  1. xxsuicidexx says:

    Nice shot! 😀

  2. fart says:

    that one looks more fake than the previous one. no way her nipple is that far over.

  3. me says:

    The one from the vid is definitely real, but I’m pretty sure this one is a (very well done) photoshop job. I feel like I’ve seen this set beside the original photo before.

    Hell though, it’s such a great job and looks so real, we might as well let our imaginations go wild!

  4. Wedge says:

    I don’t think that’s photoshopped. The nipple is symmetrical with the other one so to ‘shop’ the artist would have had to move the strap and cloth from her lingerie…unless Denise has some strangely placed nipples. And why go through all the trouble for a nip-slip fake where you can only see part of the nipple?
    Also, I’m an artist and I work in Photoshop daily and this shot is so good and so well done that it would rival the best fakes I have ever seen…not something generally done on a nip-slip.

  5. dragonrunnr says:

    It’s fake. Here’s the real photo:

  6. NoMoreCTs says:

    The best view of her nipples is a simple bikini shot that’s been “xrayed” with Photoshop. Take a look at the images below:



  7. ac3boy says:

    It is times like this that I think we waste waaayyyyyy to much time on boobs. LOL I then look at some new tits and says…NAH, your stupid AC3, now click on some more picts. LOL

  8. Tom says:

    Misotis also has strangely place nipples, and there’s nothing fake about her is there ?

  9. Edward says:

    Fake shmake. I love her no matter where those nipples are. (Memo to Jelena Jensen: kidding! I still love you! Denise and I are just friends. Sure, we have sex quite often, but we go way back.)

  10. Phil says:

    Tom, did you look at dragonrunner’s link? Sadly it appears to be a photoshop…

  11. Wedge says:

    Hmmn. The “real” one looks photoshopped. Weird, call me wrong on this one. She must have asymmetrical breasts (or at least that photo makes it appear so).

  12. magners says:

    forgive me but the “original” looks as though it couldv been photoshoped. the discolouration and smudge around where the nipple area was on the nip slip pic
    just probably wrong

  13. Thomas says:

    The image is NOT photoshopped as it is the very same image from the .rar photo set I downloaded from her web site when I was still a member. If I recall correctly, the webmaster later deleted that image, it’s most likely he simply missed this nip-slip.

  14. Wedge says:

    So Thomas are you saying that my artist eyes did not fail me and the picture NoMoreCTs posted was the fake?

    That makes me feel better. lol

  15. Wedge says:

    Sorry, I mean dragonrunnr’s picture, not NoMoreCTs.

  16. cal says:

    Sadly, it is a fake. I’m a retouch expert. I took the one Nicklas gave us and examined it in photohop and you can see where the pixels have been changed vs the original image.

  17. Wedge says:

    The one that Nicklas posted was at a lower resolution than the other. Of course the pixels look different, they are but not because somebody painted a nipple. The one with the nipple gone was at a higher resolution, which could indicate that it’s the original…but it’s hardly proof. It just means that at some point they were both at a higher resolution, not which one is the original. In no way does it indicate which one was altered.

    So if you mean something else about the pixels please explain it, but a change in resolution is all I see. I use Photoshop professionally every day, and have a BA in art & design and I see no evidence to say which the original.

  18. Thomas says:

    As I said, I checked this picture in its original 5 megapixel version as it was downloadable on her web site, and I saw no signs of photoshopping (why would her own webmaster photoshop a fake nipple in one of her photo sets)?

    Its the real deal, guys.
    Now stop obsessing over it.

  19. will577 says:

    The photo niklas posted was the orginal one from her website.

    Then a few days later, that photo was then replaced with the one without the nipple.

    Its real.

  20. MM says:

    Denise Milani has actually done a couple of xxx videos…she’s posted them on her official website

  21. killa says:

    does she do nudes on her website?

  22. ladykiller says:

    The image is fake…i wonder if she even have nipples???

  23. mr groin says:

    i don’t know if anyone has noticed, but her ass is almost as good as those tits, what a body!

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