Another Cristina Del Basso Boob Lotion Video

If I was locked away into the Big Brother house with Cristina Del Basso I’d have a constant boner and I’d probably get kicked out of the house for grabbing her boobs.

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Cristina Del Basso puts lotion on her boobs

5 comments on “Another Cristina Del Basso Boob Lotion Video”

  1. yoav says:

    Nothing to see here folks.. move along…

  2. cdn 7 says:

    Agreed… but there’s a link at the end with a nip slip

  3. Ernest says:

    I wouldn’t say NOTHING to see…
    She does seem to have an excessive need for lotions and oils. She might be well served to go to a dermatologist.

    Did I mention that I’m a dermatologist?

  4. Rick says:

    I love the guy offscreen at the end who puts more lotion in her hand

    “Why are you not lotioning? Here. Get back to it”

    What a champ.

  5. AshleySkyy says:

    boobs and lotion.

    lol that’s what my VOW is this week.

    nothin’ better than putting your face on some big soft boobies 😀

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