Alley Baggett Goes To The Beach

Apparently its a nude beach because Alley Baggett is going topless. Ive been a fan of hers since I did my first cautious clicks in Internet Explorer back in like ’95 and I dont think Ive ever seen her in this type of hairstyle before. Not that I really care about her hair, except her nice landing strip ofcourse. She looks nice though is all Im saying.

Pics from: Alley Bagett
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6 comments on “Alley Baggett Goes To The Beach”

  1. NumberDude says:

    Is it me or does it look like she got another boob job?

  2. Dave T says:

    …and a face job. She looks nothing like how she did originally. So sad.

  3. FoOkDoOsLe says:

    Wow, yeah. She really does look different. Her breasts were much nicer before. They actually look smaller now, smaller and faker. Not sure what she was going for there, but I am not a fan of the change.

  4. Dave T says:

    I know she had a breast reduction a year or so ago, because of problems with her back. I guess when you have enough enlargements and reductions, it’s hard to keep them looking real.

    It’s a pity, because she does seem like a cool girl. She’s always been cool on her site’s forums.

  5. wolf says:

    nice nipples… are thay good for kissing??

  6. HyperHorse says:

    Her boobs look about the same to me…
    Plus her nipples are a lot nicer…
    For some reason big nipples always gross me out…
    Nipple reduction FTW…

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