16 comments on “Alice Sent Me This Picture of Her Boobs!”

  1. Paul says:

    I like em…lots

  2. Eric says:

    Thumbs up

  3. colleen says:

    We love them and would be honored to see more.

  4. Bossman says:

    Those are nice!

  5. Jwhoa says:

    We like the absolute fuuuckkkkk out of them bad boys

  6. Shmoo_usn says:


  7. Deewok says:

    Can i move in there for a week please??? 😲🤔😬🤓😉🤘😜

  8. Theo says:

    I like them too.

  9. Frank Johnson says:

    Gets my stamp of approval

  10. Emil says:

    Damn fine pair, but is the rest of her as lovely?

  11. X- says:

    You can confirm her we like them

  12. Georgia97 says:

    Built for speed and comfort

  13. Melan Cholony says:

    Tell Alice we love them

  14. Deckard says:

    Alice! More please!!

  15. Da Truth says:

    Dem is some hawt milk glands. She would be having a rough time getting all my man chowder outta her blonde hair after I pumped a few loads of my baby batter onto dem funbags. #datruth

  16. BeerMan says:


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