Aida Yespica Going To A Club

Aida Yespica who is not only busty but also a Venezuelan model and actually former miss Venezuela 2002 is looking a little tipsy on these club shots. I should probably be one of the last people to criticize anyone’s alcohol consumption so lets just enjoy her cleavage. A fun little nugget of info about Aida Yespica is that former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi openly flirted with her and is quotes as saying “With you I’d go anywhere”. His wife didnt approve.

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Aida Yespica Aida Yespica Aida Yespica Aida Yespica

3 comments on “Aida Yespica Going To A Club”

  1. Slight update: Berlusconi is Prime Minister again since April (or was it May? Oh whatever, boobs are more important than my own country’s politics).

  2. crispy says:

    I’ve seen other pictures of her, she is fine as fuck.

    Good enough for Bruce Willis is good enough for me.

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