6 comments on “Abigail Ratchford Went Clubbing in a Sexy Outfit!”

  1. CygnusX1 says:

    she really should just get them out. and I mean properly out; not just in a wet t-shirt, or some diaphanous underwear or whatever, but right in your face, out.

    right now she’s just another addition on the long list of teasers that will end up going nowhere

  2. Joe says:

    She’s fake from head to toe, fake face, fake tits, fake ass, just a fake

  3. JokelSchorsch says:

    No fake boobs.

    1. Don P says:

      Fake as the day’s long and once again the knight in tarnished armor makes the only comment he EVER makes. Defending a phony bimbo’s ummm….honor? HAHAHAHA!!! That’s a good one!

  4. Paul says:

    Ever since her nudes were leaked, her Instagram fame is diminishing

    1. Don P says:

      Didn’t have all that much fame to start with.

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